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A Walk in the Woods

This past December, I shared a few days with my family in my hometown in Western New York state. Although city life lured me away nearly two decades ago, I still miss the natural beauty of this particular corner of the Empire State. I suspect that I always will.

Whenever I visit my family, I always make sure to hike along the Allegheny River and its surrounding trails.

Trail 4

(Photograph by author)

As I’ve grown older and as my life has slowed down (in a good way), I’ve come to deeply love the landscape of my hometown. The river and hills always refresh me.

Trail 3

(Photograph by author)

Due to climate change, the weather was unseasonably warm. Thankfully, I happened upon a wetland patch still iced over.

Trail 5

(Photograph by author)

Walking in the trails behind St. Bonaventure University, I stumbled across several prayer stations.

Trail 1

(Photograph by author)

Upon leaving the woods, my mind and spirit were calm and restored. Even a stereotypical brutal flight delay on my return trip to Jersey City couldn’t disrupt that feeling.

In 2019, I hope to spend more time in the natural world, albeit closer to home. Don’t hesitate to share suggestions.





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