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Listening for Autumn Leaves

Last month, I submitted my book manuscript, a biography of H. P. Lovecraft and his New York City period, to my publisher, capping nearly two years of imaginative immersion and intensive writing. Now, I’m waiting for the peer reviewers’ critiques, a nerve-racking experience familiar to anyone who has worked with an academic journal or press.…


Sunset on the Hudson

Earlier this past May, my wife and I shared a brief, restful trip to Hudson, New York. I imagine that we resembled the stereotypical black-clad bohemians regularly hopping off the Amtrak train and searching for a country retreat away from the commotion of New York and yet replete with cultural amenities. A small, former industrial…


Small Green Spaces

A visit to Greenwich Village’s Jefferson Market Garden underscores the importance of small green spaces.


A Railway to Somewhere

An abandoned railway hints at travel and escape.


A Song of Spring

Walking through an early spring garden prompts a reflection on William Blake and the nearness of infinity.


The City of Light

Paris has inspired countless paintings, stories, and dreams. Lupin invites viewers to walk through this Paris.


Analog Memories

Watching The Booksellers leads to a reflection on the printed word, discovery, and friendship.


A Dispatch from the Study

Quiet solitude is the natural environment for most writers. However, the grinding isolation and stress of the ongoing pandemic tests everyone’s psychological mettle. Then came the Capitol insurrection last month. The future remains, at best, unsettled. Most days, frightening. Still, we can find solace, relief, and daresay meaning in our day-to-day routines and pursuits. Here…

Readying for Winter

With the arrival of a difficult winter, simple comforts and pastimes might provide much-needed support.


A Trip to the Green Market

A rainy morning trip to the Union Square Green Market instills surprise and solace. Such everyday experiences seem faraway and extraordinary during the pandemic.