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Springtime in the City

Every season brings particular pleasures and rituals. During the early days of spring, I always enjoy strolling through my neighborhood and observing buildings and streets waking from winter. Gardeners clean up their flower beds. Homeowners tidy their front stoops. Friends chat on park benches. You can feel the energy and expectancy in the air.

This spring is very different. COVID-19  requires us to remain largely in our apartments and houses. Parks are closed. Streets are quiet. Fortunately, my wife and I have a small backyard, allowing us to savor nature and the traditional rites of spring.


St. Francis, the steward of our patch of earth. (Photograph by author)

As I write this, I’m sitting at my desk and looking out my window. All the plants and trees are budding or bursting with green. It is definitely spring.


Buds on the fig tree. (Photograph by author)

Our yard is alive with insects, birds, and four-legged critters. The resilience and vibrancy of nature–even in the city–always amazes me.


A bee collecting nectar from a cherry blossom. (Photograph by author)

If you’re feeling edgy from self-isolation or overwhelmed by events beyond your control, try to share a moment with nature. Do you have backyard? A tiny garden patch in front of your house? Can you look out your window at a tree? You might be surprised by what you experience. You can still enjoy the spring.


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