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Winter Begins, A Book Tour Ends

Two buildings inspired H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Shunned House”: one in his native Providence, Rhode Island. (Photo by author)

December saw this writer continuing a modest book tour to promote Midnight Rambles: H. P. Lovecraft in Gotham and to talk with audiences about the horror master’s complicated relationship with New York City. Every event was different and unique, and I was always surprised by what anecdotes and imagery fascinated respective individuals and groups.

During the first weekend of the month, I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to discuss my book with readers at the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council. An old friend joined me on the trip, and we shared a few days visiting sites in the city related to Lovecraft’s biography and fiction and enjoying the intriguing restaurant scene his hometown.

On the chilly night of December 14, I had the honor of speaking at St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery, the second oldest house of worship in Manhattan and a building which Lovecraft himself declared “a colonial oasis,” for a public event hosted by Village Preservation. Thankfully, this conversation is available on YouTube for the curious.

Two days later on December 16, Asbury Book Cooperative brought together readers to discuss Midnight Rambles and Lovecraft’s own flirtation with the Jersey Shore. Today, Asbury Park is a haven for artists, musicians, and oddballs, so it was an ideal and fitting pairing. Friends from Jersey City and Shore Point Shrooms surprised me by coming.

The Fungi from Yuggoth? A gift from Shore Point Shrooms at the Asbury Book Cooperative. (Courtesy of Perfume Professor)

My modest tour concluded at the Brooklyn Brainery, a business near one of Lovecraft’s (and my own) favorite spots in New York City–the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The audience was ready to talk about my new book, debate Lovecraft’s legacy, and laugh at his more absurd moments in the five boroughs. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to this literary year.

Upstaged by cat at the Brooklyn Brainery. Can you spot the feline? (Courtesy of Perfume Professor)

And that’s a wrap until 2024. Don’t fret … there will be more chances to learn about Midnight Rambles, history, H. P. Lovecraft, and New York City in the coming year.

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