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Nature Creeps In

Recently, I looked up from writing at my desk and spotted a cardinal pecking at the dirt in my yard–a bold movement of color on the dark mulch and earth. The site captivated me.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic required people to retreat indoors and halt their hustling and bustling, nature appears to be returning to our backyards and neighborhoods. Birds seem to sing more loudly. The sky looks clearer. The stars burn brighter. One might suggest that this might only embody the beginning of spring.


(Photograph by author)

However, I think otherwise. Fewer cars zip down the road. No people congregate on the sidewalk. One might hear a hammer or a child’s voice but little else in the near distance. The ambient city noise has nearly fallen silent. Now, bird songs fill the air. Soon, insect chirps will as well.

At night when I stand on my back porch, I eagerly look into my yard, hoping to spot a possum, skunk, or other critter. I’m enjoying this change in my environment. I know that it, too, shall pass.






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