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Looking Toward Fall

Most mornings and evenings feel crisp, cool, and refreshing. The fall has arrived. My favorite season.

The fall often finds me sitting at my desk with a pen in hand or engrossed in a book. When not transfixed by words, I visit historic sites and homes accessible by mass transit. (I don’t own a car and I loathe driving.) My imagination is most awake and fertile in these months. Or so I believe.


Bruno Liljefors, Autumn Landscape with Fox, 1918. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

I’m looking forward to continuing and starting new projects this fall.

Recently, my Wertheim Study fellowship at the New York Public Library was renewed: a true gift of space, time, and resources to hone my proposal for a second book and to begin writing my manuscript in earnest. I’m organizing a series of engaging public lectures featuring scholars, journalists, and authors at my day job. My wife and I will be sharing a long train journey. All great things.

Dear reader, I hope that you’re fashioning plans for the season. I look forward to hearing about them.





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