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Weird Fiction: Never That Far Away

My wife recently was nominated for an award for her article in Atlas Obscura. Last week, we attended the awards ceremony at the Society of Illustrators.

While checking in our coats, I noticed a familiar face on the wall: Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

I’m fond of saying that Lovecraft is the most influential writer whom few people know. I see his influence in the most expected and unexpected places. An exhibit showcasing the work of Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, was the natural environment for Lovecraft and weird fiction.

Lovecrafts Children

Mike Mignola’s cover artwork for Children of Lovecraft on display at the Society of Illustrators.

Mignola’s relationship with weird fiction extends deep into the Lovecraft circle.

Thing on the Rooftop

Mike Mignola, The Thing on the Rooftop from The Illustrated World of Robert E. Howard.

Lovecraft and his contemporaries captured my imagination during my teenage years, and I’m often returning to their stories. Nonetheless, I’m always surprised when I find their legacies in art, film, music, and elsewhere. I wonder where I might next encounter them.

The Mike Mignola exhibit runs through April 28, 2018.

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