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Winter Reading: A Welcomed Respite

During winter evenings, I enjoy nothing more than sitting in my cozy parlor and passing the hours with a book. The cold and the early darkness provide the perfect excuse to pull away from the workaday world and immerse myself in the written word. I always look forward to the winter.

I blend my reading list with works of fiction and non-fiction. As a writer, I believe that an understanding and a love of literature is key to developing engaging and enjoyable non-fiction. Who wants to read a dry and dull book? No one.


(Courtesy of Victoriana Magazine)

Several notable books served as my companions during the past few weeks:

Jill Jonnes, Conquering Gotham. This book chronicles the planning and construction of the original Penn Station in New York City. Imagine, what if America still built grand and beautiful infrastructure?

Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky. A friend gave me this novel as a birthday present. After reading it, I’ll never consider a vacation to an exotic foreign locale.

Sean McMeekin, The Russian Revolution. This history was published to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of the October Revolution. The author challenges many of the long-held conceptions about the Revolution.

Kate Chopin, The Awakening. Outside of feminist literature circles, I’m uncertain how many readers encounter this novel. That’s a true shame. Chopin’s story of a woman breaking free from gender and class expectations seems very fresh and modern.

Do you have any favorite winter reads? I’m always searching for recommendations.




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