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Chasing the Writer’s Life

In past posts, I have announced various writing and editing deadlines and alluded to the October publication of my forthcoming book, Left Bank of the Hudson: Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street. Attentive readers might have noticed the recent additions of “Book” and “Events” pages to this site.


(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Fordham University Press will publish Left Bank of the Hudson on October 2, 2017. The Press, my publicist, and I are working hard putting together a series of local promotional events and a small book tour. At press time, eight events are scheduled in six cities and four states. We’re hoping to add several more events in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, my budding writing career received two notable boosts in the month of June.

Strong Towns, an organization advocating for smart growth, resilient communities, and citizen activism, published my article “A Changing City Struggles to Maintain Space for Art and Artists.” My piece details the current struggles of Jersey City’s arts community and presents several possible policy solutions to ensure the viability of the arts in our shared city. The feedback and criticism, specifically from Jersey City residents, have been overwhelmingly gracious and encouraging.

Earlier last week, the first review of my book hit the newsstands and the web. Publishers Weekly carried a glowing review of Left Bank of the Hudson. PW is the major trade publication, and its reviews draw the attention of booksellers, media, and critics. I hope this first book review bodes well for the reception of my book.

Since fiddling with words and scribbling poor imitations of splatterpunk and H. P. Lovecraft in high school, I have nurtured ambitions and dreams of being a published writer. A professional author. Thanks to a combination of luck, discipline, and people taking a chance on my work, I’m achieving that long-cherished goal.

October is approaching. I’m excited to see what it will bring.

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