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A Halloween Classic

Every October, I celebrate the Halloween season by reading a collection or two of ghost stories. I fell in love with such tales during my childhood. Recently, I happened upon an excellent documentary on the author H. P. Lovecraft. In this film, John Carpenter, famous for directing Halloween and other genre classics, recollected first encountering…


When the English Fall: A Few Thoughts

While recently browsing in Little City Books, my favorite bookstore on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, I happened across When the English Fall by David Williams. The book was marked as a 2017 indie favorite. Trusting the curatorial instincts of the staff, I bought the novel. I’m happy that I did.

Murder at Matera

Murder in Matera: A Short (and Late) Reflection

In early March, I attended a reading by Helene Stapinski at WORD in Jersey City, New Jersey. Due to the (correctly) predicted blizzard, I briefly considered heading straight home after work. I was glad that I didn’t.

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Winter Reading: A Welcomed Respite

During winter evenings, I enjoy nothing more than sitting in my cozy parlor and passing the hours with a book. The cold and the early darkness provide the perfect excuse to pull away from the workaday world and immerse myself in the written word. I always look forward to the winter.

Valiant Ambition Cover

Valiant Ambition: Rethinking the American Revolution

During my early adulthood, I lived in Philadelphia and spent a majority of my leisure time visiting historic sites, cemeteries, and museums. I loved learning about colonial and early America. I loved living in a place where I could see, hear, and even touch history. Although I no longer call Philadelphia home, I still enjoy…

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Gentrifier: A Book Review

A trio of academics attempt an engaging and instructive experiment with their recently published book, Gentrifier (University of Toronto Press, 2017). Through their own lives, John Joe Schlichtman, Jason Patch, and Marc Lamont Hill explore and challenge the ideas and parameters of gentrification. Although the suburbs are anything but dead, an increasing number of Americans…

vanishing new york

Vanishing New York: The Book & The Event

Last week, I attended the book release party for Vanishing New York by the pseudonymous blogger, Jeremiah Moss, at the Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo–itself a vanished arts community–in Manhattan. 


Art & Simplicity: Robert Lax

This last May, I had lunch with Michael N. McGregor, a fellow Fordham University Press author, and talked with him about writing, navigating the publishing process, and organizing a book tour. McGregor was thoughtful, open, and gracious. After our conversation, I purchased McGregor’s book and humbly requested his inscription. Last week, I finally began Pure…

(New) Brooklyn & Jersey City: A Comparison and a Challenge

In the past fifteen or so years, Brooklyn has emerged as the grassroots cultural and creative capital of not only the New York region but arguably the entire country. Brooklyn entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, writers, and all-around boosters have crafted an attention-grabbing and marketable image of the new Brooklyn: gritty, outrageous, quirky, and weird. Simply put,…

Words from a Master: On Writing by Stephen King

While browsing at the legendary and beloved Strand bookstore in Manhattan several weeks ago, I picked up a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing for a birthday present for my friend (and sometimes collaborator). For years, bookstore clerks have recommended this book to me, so I bought a copy for myself, too. Preparing for the…