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Solace in the Garden

Amid the distressing events of the past weeks and days–ongoing pandemic, massive unemployment, police violence, civic unrest, and horrible presidential leadership, I’ve found it challenging to concentrate and write. My subjects have grown smaller in scope and range, largely focusing on the happenings of nature in my wife’s and my backyard.

While wandering in our garden earlier this week, I found myself captivated by the still and graceful architecture of a spiderweb. Each and every thread strengthened it.


(Photograph by author)

The center of the web appeared even more delicate and complex, and the spider itself simply waited.


(Photograph by author)

I hope to return to writing about cities and culture–the main focus of this blog and my other work–in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I hope that my photographs and reflections from my garden chair might present you with a respite from our increasingly unsettled world. They certainly have helped me.



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