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One recent morning, I wandered through my small backyard in Jersey City, New Jersey, reflecting upon the sudden changes and transformations wrought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The wheels of modern life have ground to a halt. All the while, the natural world continues with its cycles of birth and death, regeneration and decay. Blinded by the securities and gifts of technology and medicine, had we forgotten that we belonged to that world?


(Photograph by author)

Many writers, including myself, have commented upon the resurgence of nature and the animal world in our suburbs and cities. People seem to be relishing this phenomenon. Newly-minted amateur bird-watchers trade photos and sightings across social media. Families discover the joys of seed-swapping and Victory gardens.

Are you seeing nature with fresh eyes? Are you seeing yourself as a part of it? How has the pandemic challenged your perceptions of the world?

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