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Winslow Homer’s Atlantic Home

This past October, my wife and I shared a wonderful vacation in Portland, Maine. Not surprising to anyone acquainted with us, we visited several historic homes. The American artist Winslow Homer lived and worked in Maine for nearly thirty years. His studio was a must-see. Coincidentally, we signed up for the final tour of the 2018 season.

The studios, workshops, and homes of artists, writers, and thinkers fascinate me. I enjoy standing in the very rooms where such men and women spun images and ideas into paintings or writings. Place always informs the final artifact.


Winslow Homer’s studio and home. (Photograph by author)

Our superb guide provided us with a thoughtful and engaging tour of the grounds and property.


The view from Winslow Homer’s main living area. How many paintings and watercolors did this inspire? (Photograph by author)

After touring the house, we followed a well-worn path to the seaside where we saw the landscape captured in several of Homer’s iconic works.


The painting and its inspiration. (Photograph by author)

I imagined Homer living, thinking, and painting in his studio with only the sounds of the ocean waves as company. Envy does not adequately describe my feeling.


Perfume Professor standing on Winslow Homer’s second-story porch. (Photograph by author).

If you ever find yourself in Portland, visit Winslow Homer’s studio. You’ll leave with your imagination afire.

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