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A Diet of Books & Art

For the next several months, I’ll be spending a large amount of my leisure time at the New York Public Library. Why? I’m diving deep into a topic which I hope to shape into my next book.

While taking a break from my research last week, I wandered into the Salomon Room to enjoy the art decorating its walls. The paintings refreshed my imagination, leaving me ready to return to my desk.

Art depicting North American cities in the early days of their settlement and development fascinate me. One such work is currently on display at the New York Public Library.

View of Quebec

Unidentified Artist, View of Quebec, c. 1835 (Courtesy of the New York Public Library)

I’m still in the early stage of my research, mainly reading and note-taking. I only possess a vague concept of this project’s scope and structure. In the meantime, I’m certain to find comfort and inspiration in the Salomon Room.



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