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A Maine Dispatch

In late October, my wife and I traveled to Portland, Maine for a much anticipated vacation. Colleagues and friends told us great things about the city. Besides, shouldn’t one visit New England in autumn?

Portland’s concentration and quality of creative businesses and arts institutions delighted and impressed us. Bookstores, cafes, restaurants, quirky shops, museums–Portland has them all.  Although a small city, Portland offers cultural amenities rivaling many larger metropolises.

The Portland Museum of Art proves this statement. Several pieces held by the museum grabbed my imagination. These works depict scenery and imagery associated with Maine.

This painting portrays a quintessential Maine landscape–a fishing village. However, the vibrant shades of blue commanded my eye and mind.

village of Monhegan, Maine

Emil James Bisttram, Village of Monhegan, Maine, 1925 (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)

Andrew Wyeth owned a home a Maine and drew inspiration from his natural surroundings. I’m uncertain if Wyeth created this work in Maine. The trees reflected in the water fascinated me.

River Cove

Andrew Wyeth, River Cove, 1958 (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)

What would a trip to Maine (or the Portland Museum of Art) be without Winslow Homer?

Geese in Flight

Winslow Homer, Wild Geese in Flight, 1897 (Courtesy of Portland Museum of Art)

If you visited Portland, how did the city and its culture touch you?

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