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WORD: My First Jersey City Crowd

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, WORD Bookstore hosted the Jersey City launch for Left Bank of the Hudson. Terrence McDonald, a talented and sharp journalist from the Jersey Journal, joined me for a lively and fun conversation. This marked my first discussion with my (adopted) hometown crowd. Jersey City did not disappoint. A terrific afternoon for this author.


Would Jersey City accept and enjoy my book? (Courtesy of Perfume Professor)

When Terrence and I arrived, we found a small crowd–mostly my relations by marriage. I began to fret that this event might be a bust.


Well, this large crowd dispelled my fear. Attentive, polite, and unafraid to ask a tough question or two. (Courtesy of Perfume Professor)

Terrence and I shared a snappy and entertaining conversation. Great questions, observations, and critiques from the audience made it perfect one.


Terrence McDonald and I discuss my book and talk with Jersey City readers.                      (Courtesy of Perfume Professor)

Afterward, I signed books and talked with readers. Honored that so many people gave us their Saturday afternoon. A privilege and a treat.


People waiting in line to meet me. Wow. (Courtesy of Perfume Professor)


A magical day. I’m heartened (and relieved) by my warm reception in Jersey City. The town doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Now, I’m beginning the Western New York leg of my book tour. Since childhood, I’ve nurtured dreams of becoming a writer and reading in Buffalo, New York. I’ll be coming full circle in next two days.

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