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My First Event: The Brooklyn Book Festival

This past Sunday, I attended the Brooklyn Book Festival as an author. Yes, a professional, published writer.

Program 3

The hefty program for the Brooklyn Book Festival.

For a few fours, I sat at Fordham University Press‘s table and talked with folks about Left Bank of the Hudson: Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street. This was my first taste of interacting with the reading public. Why not start with a sophisticated New York crowd?

FUP Table

Yes, that’s my book! Fordham University Press‘s booth at the 2017 Brooklyn Book Festival.

I inscribed and autographed my first book. A few visitors asked to take my picture. Attendees generally seemed interested in the larger subjects explored in Left Bank of the Hudson: artists, cities, and gentrification. Admittedly, not much of surprise in Brooklyn.


Signing one of the first copies of my book. A thrilling and humbling moment.


The Brooklyn Book Festival marked the beginning of my two months of book readings, meet-and-greets, and lively discussions. I had a wonderful time at the Festival. I hope my experiences there augur well.

In two weeks, my book will be officially released, and I’ll hit the road. I can’t wait.

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