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Happy Fourth of July!

While enjoying food, drink, friends, and family, take a moment to ponder the history of our country. Better yet, visit a park, museum, or historic site and experience it for yourself. Just finish before the fireworks begin.

New Netherland in the Public Schools … in New York

A fellow history blogger (follow link for the story) reported that the New York State Social Studies curriculum is placing a greater emphasis on the period of Dutch colonial history in that state. A three-day workshop will be offered for educators at the New York State Museum (a fun place, by the way) in Albany,…

John Quidor

While leafing through Dutch New York: the Roots of Hudson Valley Culture, I discovered the artist John Quidor (See a previous blog post on the book itself). Many historic and literary types likely have seen reproductions of Quidor’s paintings inspired by Washington Irving’s two more popular short stories, Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of…

Book Review: Dutch New York

2009 marked the 400th anniversary of the explorer Henry Hudson sailing the Hudson River. In that year, the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York organized an exhibition on the Dutch colonial experience in the Hudson River Valley and the lasting influence of the Dutch on economics, politics, and culture in the region.

The Pavonia Massacre

A little-known but bloody episode on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River enraged and united the rival Native American tribes throughout New Netherland against the Dutch colonists and their corporate governorship. This war nearly ended the Dutch East India Company’s colonial experiment in North America. Today, historians call this event Kieft’s War.

Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy 15th Annual Preservation Awards Ceremony

On Thursday night—yes, this Thursday May 28, 2015 from 6:00 to 9:00—the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy is hosting its annual preservation awards ceremony at the splendid and magical Loew’s Jersey Theatre. The JCLC will be handing out awards to homeowners, developers, and architects who have renovated or preserved historic property throughout Jersey City and to…

Preservation Month

May is Preservation Month! Celebrate the month by visiting a church, a historic home, a park, a museum, or a cultural institution. Enjoy a space that makes your town or city beautiful, interesting, and worth caring about. Everywhere and everyone in this storied country should have one special place. Find yours. The National Trust for…


The name Pavonia appears throughout eastern Jersey City. Pavonia Avenue runs through the downtown and past the Journal Square section. There is a Pavonia branch of the Jersey City Free Public Library. Most residents associate the name with a robotic voice announcing the Pavonia-Newport stop on the PATH ride from Manhattan into Jersey City. The…

What and Where was New Netherland?

What was New Netherland? Where was it? Before delving into the promised exploration of Jersey City’s Dutch heritage, I’ll try to answer these crucial geographical questions with a gorgeous map.

Independent Bookstore Day! Visit Your Favorite Store!

May 2—today—is Independent Bookstore Day. Visit your favorite bookstore and buy a book or two.  Local bookstores are key to a cultured, vibrant, and rewarding community. For some local history, check out this great blog post on the legendary and vanished Book Row in Manhattan published by the Museum of the City of New York.…