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A Song of Spring

Walking through an early spring garden prompts a reflection on William Blake and the nearness of infinity.

Springtime in the City

Every season brings particular pleasures and rituals. During the early days of spring, I always enjoy strolling through my neighborhood and observing buildings and streets waking from winter. Gardeners clean up their flower beds. Homeowners tidy their front stoops. Friends chat on park benches. You can feel the energy and expectancy in the air.


Trees Grow in Brooklyn

Last week, I ventured from my cozy nest in Jersey City to Brooklyn, the epicenter of the contemporary creative world in New York. I didn’t seek out live music, funky cafes, eclectic bookshops, or farm-to-table restaurants. I rode the subway to Brooklyn to enjoy nature. Yes, nature.


A Spring Ritual

In recent past posts, I’ve reflected upon nature and the arrival of spring. This season of renewal has captured my private thoughts as well. The physical, imaginative, and spiritual worlds seem refreshed and expectant. 

(Photograph by author)

The Passing of Winter

On the first day of spring last week, I stood in my small urban backyard and listened to hidden birds sing. Daffodil shoots peaked from beneath the soil. Yet, the wind still carried a chill touch.